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Bray, Larouche and Associates: More than a recruitment firm, a dedicated partner!

A team that measures up to your challenges

In 1991, Yahne Bray and Sylvie Larouche, two coworkers passionate about the recruitment industry, made the decision to open their own recruitment firm with the purpose to establish a meaningful and long lasting partnership with the companies based in Greater Montreal. Their source of satisfaction consists in matching great candidates with great companies!

With time, they gained experience and managed to form a beautiful team. 28 years later, Bray, Larouche and Associates positioned itself as a valued partner injob searchand in the employment of temporary or permanent personnel.

The required skills in order to discover and recruit the most talented employees are meticulousness, perspicacity and rigor. This quest is the motor of our entire team which generates tangible and conclusive results.

Quality, experience and transparency

At Bray, Larouche and Associates, we recruit differently.

Our professionalism and rigor give us a competitive edge
Our tools and methods accurately orient us throughout our hiring process
Our proactivity and listening skills bring efficiency in the execution of our mandates
Specialized in administrative support, our recruitment firm has what it takes to appeal to the most competent candidates who can meaningfully contribute to the achievement of your company.

Our team

We take pride in having a solid team which generates a unique synergy. The majority of our recruitment specialists has been a part of our team for more than 25 years. Let us introduce them!

Yahne Bray
Yahne BrayAssociate and founder
Specialisation: Recruiting of Executive assistants and also assistants specialized in communication and marketing.
In short: Empathy
Sylvie Larouche
Sylvie LaroucheAssociate and founder
Specialisation: Recruiting of Executive assistants.
In short: Tenacity
Valérie Lebeau
Valérie LebeauMember of Bray, Larouche and Associates' team for 21 years.
Specialization: Executive assistant and Human resources management positions.
In short: Enthusiasm
Janet Lee Brandy
Janet Lee BrandyMember of Bray, Larouche and Associates' team for 26 years.
Specialization: Administrative support and also finance-related positions but also recruiting of legal assistants.
In short: Determination
Chantal Lacharité
Chantal LacharitéMember of Bray, Larouche and Associates' team for 23 years.
Specialization: Information technology and Accounting assistants
In short: Attentive
Suzanne Leveillée
Suzanne LeveilléeMember of Bray, Larouche and Associates' team for 9 years.
Specialization: Administrative, Secretariat and Accounting positions.
In short: Attentive
Karla Gomez
Karla GomezMember of Bray, Larouche and Associates' team for 11 years.
Karla ensures the good functioning of the firm and is in charge of all the tasks related to the front desk. She establishes the first contact with the candidates and visitors.
In short: Organization
Johanne Morier
Johanne MorierMember of Bray, Larouche and Associates' team for 5 years.
Johanne is the billing and payroll technician
in short: Empathy
Julie Matteau
Julie MatteauMember of Bray, Larouche and Associates' team for 6 years.
Julie is the controller of Bray, Larouche And Associates.
In short: Multitasking
Justine Toussaint
Justine ToussaintMember of Bray, Larouche and Associates' team for 4 years.
Justine is in charge of the marketing and the business development.
In short: Resourceful
Marielly Juarez
Marielly JuarezMember of Bray, Larouche and Associates' team for 4 years
She is the office coordinator
In short: Dedicated
Frédérique Bégin
Frédérique BéginMember of Bray, Larouche and Associates' team for 3 years.
Recruitment agent
In short: Implication
Michèle Pilon
Michèle PilonMember of Bray, Larouche and Associates' team since 2018.
Payroll clerk
In short: Thoroughness
Marie-Astrid Chenet
Marie-Astrid ChenetMember of Bray, Larouche and Associates' team since 2018.
Recruitment agent
In short: Transparency

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