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As a temporary employee, you represent a valuable resource in order to meet the needs of our clients.

This section is dedicated to you and compiles information about your wage, the submission of your timesheets, your leaves of absence, and any other wage-related topics.


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Transmittal of the timesheet

You have to forward us your timesheet, via email, for each payroll period.

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Have you forgotten to submit your timesheet?

Indicate the amount of worked hours and the time period covered on a timesheet that is distinct from the current one.
Do not write the worked hours of two separate payroll periods on the same timesheet.

Wage payment

Even though your mandate is taking place in one of our client firms, Bray, Larouche and Associates is in charge of the payment of your wage. The said payment will be made based on your worked hours which would be previously approved by a representative of the client firm.

Transmittal of your check specimen

Once a first temporary mandate has been confirmed, you have to send a copy of your check specimen to the payroll department so that your wage will be directly deposited in your account.

Payroll period and deposit day

The payroll period staggers from Sunday to Saturday inclusively, or 7 days.
It is essential to forward us your timesheet for each payroll period.
Wages are deposited in your bank accounts every Thursdays, in accordance with the worked hours of the previous period.

Holidays and public holidays

Your will receive vacation pay providing you have been awarded holidays or at the end of your mandate.

Public holidays and non-working holidays granted to you

  • January 1 (New Year’s Day)
  • Good Friday or Easter Monday, to the employer’s choice
  • The first Monday before May 25 (National Patriots’ Day in Quebec)
  • June 24 (Quebec’s National Day)
  • July 1. If it happens to be a Sunday : July 2 (Canada Day)
  • The first Monday of September (Labour Day)
  • The 2nd Monday of October (Thanksgiving Day)
  • December 25 (Christmas Day)

How to calculate the holiday pay?

We determine the reference weeks used for the calculation. We establish the weekly wage for each of these weeks.
We combine these amounts. We calculate 1/20 of the wage earned during the four complete paid weeks which precede the week’s leave, without the overtime.

For instance : If you have worked full time during the four reference weeks, you will be granted one paid day, or the equivalent of one day out of 20 (or 1/20).

Otherwise the allotted compensation will be calculated based on the worked hours.

Detailed examples are available on the

Request an employment record

An employment record is required in case that you apply for employment insurance benefits, once your mandate is over.

Employment records are only provided upon request. In order to obtain one, you have to contact service de la paie afin de l’obtenir. Your request will be processed within 2 to 3 business days.

The income tax slips (RL-1 and T4) are mailed each year on February 28, at the latest. If by March 15, you have not received your income tax slips, notify us.

Should you have any question, we are to assist you!

Notify us of any changes! It is essential to inform the payroll department of any changes of address, phone number or banking details. So doing, you will prevent problems and delays in the payment of your wage from occurring and ensure that you will successfully receive any documentation sent to you.

Phone: 514 845-2114
Fax: 514 845-3808
Email: finance@braylarouche.com

Benefit from the referral program

We implemented a program in order to promote and reward referrals.
In order to benefit from it, it is required to have an active candidate profile at Bray, Larouche and Associates.
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